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Colonial School Quiz

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Quiz on Colonial Schools

                    Are you a star pupil or a dunce?

 1)  What did children use when they learn to read?

A.Picture books

B.Horn books


 2) Where did children go to play?

A.On a blacktop
B.On a playground

C.In a large field

 3) Who went to college in colonial America?  


A.Poor men


C.Rich men

 4) How were students punished in colonial schools?


A.They got whipped

B.They were told to stop

C.Sent to the principal

 5) What did colonial children write with?

A.Quills and ink


C.Chalks and chalkboard

 6) How were teachers paid in colonial times?

A.By taxes

B.With corn and other goods

C.By the state government

 7) What kind of clothes did girls wear in colonial times?

A.Long dresses, aprons and caps


C.Long dresses and three-cornered hats

 8)  What did girls do after they were done with Dame School?

A.They went to another school

B.Their mother taught them to cook and sew at home

C.They went to college


 9)  What kind of books did they read?

A.They read long storybooks

B.They read chapter books

C.They read hornbooks and the Bible

 10)  Where did young children go to school?

A. Dame Schools

B. Kindergarten

C. Nursery school or daycare centers

 11)  What were colonial school houses like?

A. Large buildings with lots of classrooms

B. One room buildings with comfortable desks

C. One room buildings with hard benches and little heat

 12)  What clothes did boys wear in colonial schools?

A) Long pants and turtleneck shirts

B) Long dresses

C) Short pants (breeches) and muslin shirts

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